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  Where Kids Can be Grown Ups!!

Mini Movie Trucks are the UKs only American Truck Driving Experience specifically for Children. The Trucks are 6.5hp Petrol driven scaled down versions of the real thing!!  

Children and small Adults can try their hand at being an HGV driver either on their own or with an adult accompanying them round a themed purpose built inflatable track.   

Drive:  Optimus Prime: from Transformers
Rubber Duck: from Convoy
                 Snowmans Rig: From Smokey and the Bandit
            Pork Chop Express: from Big Trouble in Little China  

Safety is our top priority. 

Unique to Mini Movie Trucks - Unlike other similar attractions, our Trucks are fitted with electronic collision sensors. Our trucks will stop should they come into contact with any object or the inflatable track. 

The trucks are also fitted with a secondary rear pedal (just in case a team member has to take control), 
Radio controlled kill switches (with a working range of 100
Rubber corner buffers,  
ydro-static gearbox for easy total control (push pedal to go release it to stop),
Restricted speed to approx.
4 mph.
Safety Helmets available if required

 also in addition to our inflatable barrier we erect a second safety fence around the entire attraction.

These trucks are built and operated by ourselves. We have been professionally  manufacturing and operating children's riding devices for many years.   

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The only attraction of its kind in the world

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