Rough pitch plan
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Mini movie trucks was born from a combination of a passion for American big rigs, many years experience in manufacturing and operating children's rides and inflatables, and the pure love of the atmosphere at large outdoor events.


Our top priority is to the nostalgia that we hope to create with this attraction as we tour the uk.

If you would like us at your event or for more info don't hesitate to call or email us. we are a very friendly family run business who pride ourselves on client relations.




Additional information about mini movie trucks

1. We make our money by charging children and adults to drive the trucks and with          our option to purchase merchandise, ie printed t-shirts and novelty personalized            driving licenses


2. for some smaller events we require a fuel supplement from the organizers in order for us to be able to attend 


3. We are also available to hire for private events etc. please contact us for more info

4. People of any age over 2 years  are allowed to drive our trucks but please note small      children must be accompanied by an adult

5. Anybody seen deliberately driving dangerous or boisterous will be stopped                      immediately and asked to leave the attraction so as to not spoil anybody else,s fun

6. There are clearly marked price lists on display at all times


7. Safety signs are on show and a short safety briefing is given to all drivers


8. All we ask is to be sited somewhere within the main walk of the public as to give  

    everybody a fair chance of finding us